Christian Kilb

Christian Kilb

Technical Lead · Software Architect · Developer

I have over 20 years of experience in software development and E-commerce, which has equipped me with a wealth of knowledge in various technologies, strategies, and leadership. I have the privilege of utilizing this expertise on a daily basis, and it continues to motivate me to excel in my work.

I am intrinsically motivated to deeply comprehend technical concepts and tools, and leverage them in a purposeful and goal-oriented manner to solve problems.

I strive to comprehend systems holistically, as this is the key to executing complex projects in a goal-oriented manner. It is my personal ambition to continuously enhance my knowledge and skills, and be among the foremost professionals in my field.

I take great pleasure in sharing my knowledge and gaining new insights through meaningful exchanges with colleagues and friends. It is a mutually beneficial process that enables us to learn efficient approaches and stay abreast of emerging trends.


As a Technical Lead, I was responsible for creating a new customer portal from scratch. This new platform enables customers of one of the largest food processing companies worldwide to place, view, and manage their orders online. The successful implementation of this project was a significant step towards digitalization for Marel.

Technical Lead, Customer Portal
Legal You

As the Product Lead for the ABOUT YOU Developer Center, I was responsible for enabling third-party apps to connect to the shop ecosystem. I worked closely with a team of six experienced software developers to coordinate the development of the platform, interfaces, and software development kits.

Product Lead, 3rd Party Integration APIs

As a Lead Developer, I was asked to support DEPT with my expertise in several enterprise-level projects in an advisory and hands-on manner. In close exchange with the customers, I collected, specified and implemented requirements. The complexity of the projects often made it necessary to break down extensive business requirements and problems into smaller components - in order to finally communicate them to the team of experienced SprykerFreelancer software developers in an understandable way

Lead Developer, B2B e-commerce
Tom Tailor

As a senior developer and consultant, I supported the expansion of the Tom Tailor online shop in close cooperation with my colleagues. In addition to my work as a software developer in the implementation, I also created various proofs of concepts, some of which I initiated proactively. I was available in an advisory capacity to support (Junior) developers in the implementation of the requirements and further training of their knowledge, especially regarding S.O.L.I.D. coding principles.

Senior Developer & Consultant, B2C e-commerce platform

As a senior backend developer, I implemented various improvements in the popular online browser game Forge of Empires. I worked closely with the frontend team to refactor the tutorial, enhancing the in-game experience for new customers. Additionally, I improved the battle AI and made various performance enhancements.

Senior Backend Developer, Forge of Empires
Product Designer

Along with working for my clients, I continuously strive to enhance my skills and knowledge by working on my own projects. One noteworthy example is the Product Designer extension I created for Shopware and WooCommerce. This extension enables medium-sized and enterprise-level businesses to offer their customers personalized designs for their products.


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